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Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Levellers are well-designed solutions for precisely compensating the differences in height between various lorry floors and ramps. Using a dock leveller, the load can be moved in or out of the lorry in a single horizontal movement.

A sturdy steel construction with anti-twist platform easily compensates for lorry tilting, even if the load is not distributed evenly.

Reliable hydraulics with 2 lifting cylinders and a cylinder for the lip is the right choice for any situation, easy to operate and, above all, safe: these dock levellers are equipped with automatic emergency stop valves in the lifting cylinders. They secure the dock leveller right away. This is important, for example, if a lorry drives away while a load is still on the platform.

Types Hydraulic Dock Leveller

Container dock levelers
Accommodate the loading and unloading of container vehicles when containers are not positioned at the rear of the truck bed, or for the leading trailer of B doubles.

Edge of dock / Mini dock levelers
Suitable when the difference in the range of vehicle bed heights to dock height is minimal.

Vertical dock levelers
Stored vertically, ideal for temperature-controlled environments.

Truck levelers
Designed to lift the rear of the truck to the level of the dock for safe and effective loading/ unloading. Truck levellers can be built with automatic wheel chocks that safely restrain the vehicle.

Igloo dock levelers
Designed to maintain the 'Cold Chain'. A stepped down model is available if the swing doors of a truck are to be opened after the truck is positioned against the dock.